Waste Clearance

Are you looking for a waste clearance in Northampton? Do you have a garden full of household rubbish that you can’t bare to look at any longer? Or just having a clear out? We can help you by removing this and disposing of it lawfully and safely.

A Man Who Can are on a mission to educate people in ensuring these types of jobs are done correctly by a licensed waste carrier! 

Too often we see piles of rubbish on our country roads or dumped on housing estates and 99% of time people will have paid someone to take this away and it ends up being fly tipped. 

A company or individual clearing rubbish for a customer by law has to be a registered waste carrier. It's easy to check, ask to see the license or check on the environment agencies website for the company you are using.

You can find my registration HERE so any rubbish I remove you can be sure that it will be disposed of via the Trade Waste disposal centre.

CHEAP ISN'T ALWAYS BEST! But we are comparatively priced and offer a friendly reliable service that can be trusted! 



Household Waste

Garden Waste

Remember if your rubbish is fly tipped and can be traced back to you, then you could receive a fine of upto £5000!

So for your peace of mind use a reputable company who will complete this work correctly and lawfully like us!